The fact that Abu Hashima donated 30 million pounds to the Arab people

A very widely spread post says: “On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Ahmed Abu Hashima group of companies in Egypt, I, Ahmed Abu Hashima, acknowledge providing a grant of 30 million pounds to the Arab people, especially the people of Egypt ❤ and also because of the Corona virus epidemic ✊ .. I wish the people The call to remove the epidemic ❤ May God protect Egypt and its people. If this post appears to you, you are a candidate for the grant, send a message in your name through this link, and in a link with the post. ❌❌


– That’s not true. Ahmed Abu Hashima did not announce the donation of this amount, and this page is fake. ✅ ✅

Ahmed Abu Hashima issued a statement on his official Facebook page, in which he said: “Please note that my documented official pages are the only source for any news that concerns me, and any news published on other pages is not true, and all legal measures will be taken against everyone who promotes it.” ✅

– “Long Live Egypt Fund” announced last April, Abu Hashima’s contribution to the campaign to confront the Corona virus, without specifying the value of the contribution. Before that, Abu Hashima had announced that he would sponsor 2,000 families financially and food for a period of two months due to the partial curfew.

– The page that published the post is called “Abu Hashima’s Charities”, and it was established only one week ago, and it often published this grant post in order to quickly collect a large number of likes.

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