The truth of the picture of Naguib Sawiris with the Ethiopian Prime Minister

A very widespread image of the Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris with the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed, with a sarcastic comment, but in people I believed him, he says: “The issue is resolved.


A photo of Sawiris and Abi Ahmed, which Naguib published in December 2018, on his Twitter account, with a comment praising the Ethiopian Prime Minister for his attempts to improve relations with Egypt at the time.

The businessman republished the photo again in October 2019 to congratulate Abi Ahmed on the occasion of winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and asked him to keep his promise not to harm Egypt’s share of the Nile water.

Sawiris posted on his Twitter account a screenshot of the circulated post, and said: “And then this is a lull,” referring to the Ethiopian dam.

The picture was spread on more than one occasion, with a comment saying that Sawiris companies are participating in the construction of the Renaissance Dam, which was denied by “Naguib”, stressing that the picture was from “a visit to improve the relationship and urge a consensual solution because I was optimistic about this man and that he is a man of peace, but he directed a limit.” We have a disappointment.”

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