How do you discover your data has been leaked or compromised?

Apr. 05, 2021 - Know By Yourself
How do you discover your data has been leaked or compromised?
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After the frequent leakage of user data on social networking sites, the latest of which was the  leak of personal data of more than half a billion users on Facebook, including phone numbers and emails, in a leak that included 106 countries, Egypt’s share was 44.8 million users whose personal data was published on a piracy forum, “ Don’t believe” it offers you 5 of the most famous sites and tools to detect whether you are among the users whose data was leaked or not:

1- Have I Been Pwned

If you suspect that your personal data has been compromised, your first choice might be Have I Been Pwned, whose servers collect and analyze hundreds of databases containing information about billions of leaked accounts, and allow users to search for their private information by Enter their email address.

The site allows registration to be notified if your email address appears in the future in the leaked records.

2- Firefox Monitor

Firefox has added a free tool that allows users to track their various account data leaks through email searches.

The tool is very simple, and it is a simple design box in the chest of the screen, and all you have to do is put your email to show you all the data leaks that your email was in.

3- BreachAlarm

BreachAlarm performs the same previous services. It gives the user the option to sign up to monitor their email for free, and notify them if the email appears in any future leaks.

The site is free, but there is a paid version of it that provides higher services to users.

4- We Leave Info 

Allows users to search by IP address, email, username, and phone, but using the site requires creating an account first. Also, some services are not free.

5- Inoitsu

A free service that helps users check if their email address is in any hacked data. Give a summary of the information that may have been compromised due to a data leak.